Wow, 8 Surprisingly Benefits of Cinnamon for Our Health

Cinnamon Cinnamon contains a sinamaldehyde compound (a derivative of phenol compounds), which has platelet anti-aggregation properties and as a vasodilasator in vitro. Platelets themselves are cholesterol that attaches to the blood and clumps (aggregation). Platelets in the blood vessels can cause hardened fat on.

Cinnamon is a plant belonging to the Cinnamomum genus. In Ancient Egypt, this plant is often used as a medicinal plant as a medicine for a sore throat, cough, and inflammation of the joints. The spread of cinnamon plants is quite extensive because it can growth origin of a country is Caribbean, South America and also in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, this plant is very easy to find, especially in Sumatra.
Some of the benefits of these cinnamon sticks are as follows:

1. Controlling blood glucose

Cinnamon contains antioxidants that can help control blood glucose levels. Cinnamon helps the digestion process after eating and helps improve insulin response in patients with type 2 diabetes. One gram of cinnamon alone is known to decrease blood glucose levels, triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol in diabetic patients.

Based on, cinnamon also lowers the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients.

2. Anti Infection
Cinnamon has natural anti-infective components. In various studies, cinnamon has been shown to effectively remove H. pylori bacteria that can cause heartburn and various other bacterial diseases.

3. Improve brain function
Smelling cinnamon is known to increase brain activity. The smell of cinnamon can improve a person’s cognitive process and helps in concentrating, remembering, and speeding work on computer programs.

4. Lowering cholesterol
Cinnamon contains calcium, fiber, and many minerals such as manganese. For that, cinnamon is very suitable for digestive health, intestines, and protect from heart disease. Cinnamon can also lower cholesterol. Calcium and fiber in cinnamon also help remove salt in the body and prevent colon cancer. Not only that, fiber on cinnamon can also treat constipation or diarrhea.

5. Prevent the growth of cancer cells
Research at the University of Texas shows that cinnamon can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells. Not only that, cinnamon is also one of the spices that can cure cancer.

6. Prevent blood coagulate
Cinnamaldehyde, oil produced by cinnamon can prevent blood coagulate. Cinnamon release an anti-inflammatory fatty acid called arachidonic. These fatty acids then reduce inflammation and blood clots.

7. Relieve pain rheumatic sufferers
Cinnamon can reduce the pain caused by rheumatism. In research conducted at the Department of Internal Medicine shows, cinnamon can also reduce cytokines (small proteins as mediators and regulators of immunity, inflammation, and hematopoiesis) that can cause rheumatism.


8. Versatile medicine
Cinnamon contains fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese that proved to be effective in reducing pain during menstruation or childbirth. Cinnamon has a natural content called cinnamaldehyde that can balance hormones, increase the hormone progesterone, and reduce the hormone testosterone in women.

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