Palm Kernel Shell

PKS are the shell fractions left after the nuts has been removed after crushing in the Palm Oil Mill. It contains residues of Palm Oil, which accounts for its slightly higher heating value than average lignocellulosic biomass. Compared to other, It is a good quality biomass fuel with unifrom size distribution, easy handling, easy crushing, limited biological activity due to low moisture content.
We build the relationship with our local partner to provide Palm Kernel Shell the high quality from Riau, Padang, and Kalimantan.

The specification of palm kernel shell product we offer are as follows:

Product name : PKS

Calorie carbon : 4242 Kcal/kg (AD)

Total moisture : 18% (AD)

Ash content      : 3.5%

Volatile matter: 70%

Sulfur                : 0.13%

Foreign matter : 0.08% (size are above 5 cm)

Provide certificate analysis from third party