Looking for Supplier Cinnamon in Asian? You Should Read This

Supplier Cinnamonroyalagro.co.id – Indonesia is one of the biggest producer, supplier and exporter cinnamon to in the world. Cinnamon’s Indonesia has the excellence the comparison with other countries. This is because the Indonesian country that has weather is perfect for the growth of cinnamon. In addition, seeds and soil affect the results of this cinnamon.

Figure 1. Indonesia Map

Cinnamon usually used as raw material in processing food and also has the benefit as a raw material in the industrial world like cosmetics and medicines because cinnamon bark has an atsiri oil content can be processed into a more valuable product.

The type of cinnamon produced by the countries in Asia
  • The biggest cinnamon developed in Indonesia is Cinnamomum burmanii Blume with area its production in West Sumatra and Jambi whose products are known as cassia vera or Korinjii cassia.
  • Types of Cinnamomum zeylanicum are mostly produced in Sri Lanka
  • Cinnamomum aromaticum produced in China, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh.

Besides Indonesia, there are several a country in the world famous as the largest cinnamon producer and exporter in the market China, and Vietnam (FAO, 2017). Figure 2 shows the country producing cinnamon the world’s largest by 2014.

Source: Secondary Data Analysis of FAO

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