Who We Are?

PT Royal Agro Nusantara Jaya ( RAN Jaya ) is an exporter/trading company trusted partner and responsible in Indonesia by providing products of high-quality agricultural products. The company is moving with energetic and full access make it easier for buyers to achieve the intended goods. Although this company is newly established 2016, our company work professionally properties in serving customers. With founders who are young, have creative ideas, reliable and the strong spirit that will provide maximum service to the customer.

Our company grows together with local farmers and partner, to provide high quality agro product our company applied quality control system to the whole process to have assurance in order to meet customer needs. We have strong relationship and partnership with local farmers, government, shipping company and other stakeholders to support large volume query from our customer and supporting services for warehouse, packaging and transporting to all over the world.

Our office location in Bandung city approximately 3 hours from the capital, Jakarta. This city is very close to agricultural areas such as Garut, Sumedang, and Tasikmalaya easy to control supply and access to the International port.

RAN Jaya is Member of Membership Service Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED) and Community of Moslem Entrepreneurs Indonesia (KPMI).

Our Office

Address Royal Agro Nusantara Jaya

Street R.A.A Marta Negara No. 56 Lengkong, Turangga, Kota-Bandung, Indonesia

Post Code 40624