5 Succes Tips to Make A Delicious Cookies Cake

Cookies Cakeroyalagro.co.id The cookies cake, one of the snacks that easy to find and make a filling. Enjoying a cookie when the break time or while watching TV has become the routine of some people in the world. Delicious cookies and good for health are influenced by several factors when we are making it. Well, this time RAN will give you success tips to make delicious cookies as follow as:

1. The use of wheat flour

The use of wheat flour in cookie paste will be determined the cake become crunchy. Wheat flour suitable for cookies is using low-protein wheat flour. In addition, this low-protein wheat flour is suitable for making biscuits, pastries, crackers, black forest, pies, sponge cake, waffles, crepes, and pancakes.

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2. The type of sugar

One of the failures that often happen when making cookies is the texture of sugar. Tips that you should consider is to choose refined sugar as a mixture for easy sugar mixed with other ingredients. Because the use of sugar will actually make the cake so hard and porous rough.

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3. The dose of the ingredients

Determining the right dosage needs to be helped with the scales. Do not just measure with estimates because the probability of failure will be higher.

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4. Check it moisture level

Maybe this is less attention when you are making cookies. In order not to fail the cake again should note the level of moisture and water content in flour. This will affect the cake crunchiness. Preferably sieved and dried the flour before use.

Source: sugaredproductions.com

5. Storage of cookies

For any cake, if stored incorrectly, then when consumed it becomes not delicious. After the cake is cooked, avoid directly inserting the cake into the jar when the cake is hot because it will increase the risk of mold and the cake texture turns to hard. Put the cake in the jar when the cake has turned to cold and do not forget to close the meeting so that the cake remains crispy when consumed.

Source: Inacookies.co.id


Indonesia itself is the largest consumer for the consumption of pastries and peaks when celebrating EID day so no wonder the Indonesian-made cookies are very much of variant.

One of the producers of cakes that have a very tasty and halal taste is the Inacookies Brand Cake. This cookie is very popular in Indonesia with reasonable price and delicious taste to make the consumer really like this cake. Well, if you want to also enjoy these original Indonesian cookies in your country, we can help to supply to your country.

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